Musicians don't have feelings, they have emotion

by Drama Bahama

The second full length album release from Drama Bahama.  All in the month of February 2018.  

Recorded in Seattle, WA.     Mastered in NYC and by robot.    Featuring the whole band.  backstage photos included in the hard copy version sold at exclusive shows. 

1 - we are robots
2 - dick got pussy whipped
3 - fuck tinder, love yourself
4 - is this my mom or is this la monte young
5 - everyone is nice
6 - on an airplane listening to angel olsen
7 - cream of wheat
8 - yo la tengo quit her day job
9 - whim hof went to india to study punk rock
10 - little fugazi takes a bubble bath
11 - Lemon Peel
12 - bury grandma

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